Amir San Francisco, CA

“This is not to say that methadone is necessarily bad, because if taken properly you would be prescribed it first, and almost as soon as you were prescribed this medication you would already start to plan your taper. If done that way it could be effective in weaning you off the opiate." 

Amir is a 28-year-old, successful professional based in San Francisco. He was prescribed methadone through his private physician and has not been able to taper off the drug completely, despite receiving it in a controlled environment. His doctor was initially hopeful that methadone would help Amir beat a vicodin dependency. But the doctor has become less communicative as time has passed and has not displayed much understanding about the drug he has been prescribing for several years.Despite his long struggle and desire to wean off methadone, Amir considers methadone to be what got him off vicodin. To Amir, vicodin was much more destructive and methadone helped to restore normalcy and motivation to his lifestyle. But he believes that even the most severe cases of dependency can be resolved and now educates himself and others about methadone through his website, He utilizes this platform to share his own course of self-tapering and offer others the opportunity to share information.