Bart New York, NY

"As soon as I got to the rehab I knew that I had to do something different. I knew that something had to give... I forced my way out of the system. That's how I did it. Through hard work and not believing that that was the only way…If I could do it, the kind of drug addict that I was, anyone can do it…I'm not on medicaid, I'm not on public assistance, I'm not on methadone." 

Bart is a self-employed, 28-year-old contractor from the Bronx who was addicted to opiates at age 16. He did whatever he could to feed his habits, even scrapping metal from abandoned buildings to buy heroin and oxycontin. When Bart reached a breaking point and finally entered rehab, he was offered methadone and refused it. Rather than trade one substance for another, he fought through withdrawals and urges. Bart is now almost 4 years sober and attributes his success to hard work and daily spiritual practices.