Angelica is a director, editor and producer, currently working in corporate branding, television and film. Her background is well versed in Documentary style feature film, reality TV, independent narrative film and corporate advertising. She is currently directing and producing CUFFED, a feature length documentary exploring addiction and the various paths toward recover. 

Angelica has served as second editor to the feature length documentary film, TWA FLIGHT 800. She was creator and director of sitcom pilot, SERVED, with the partnership of 30 Rock director/producer Don Scardino. She served as Producer on nationally syndicated reality TV show, THE PEOPLE'S COURT. 

Some of the brands Angelica has worked with in the corporate and branding space have been DOVE, MORGAN STANLEY, DEF JAM, UMUSIC, EPIC and RCA to name a few. She was videographer to series of videos for BEHIND THE SCENES NEW YORK CITY FASHION WEEK. Angelica recently served as written/producer/editor on a spec entitled PRIDE, a short film normalizing female menstruation through tampon advertising. 

Other credits include assistant director of the short film, THE DRESS, which won Best Ensemble at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival. She was also assistant director and produced of LETTER TO GOD, a short film currently in post production. Angelica also currently serves as associate producer of COAST, a feature length film being produced by Bruce Dern's production company Publicly Private.